• Rental Application

  • In order to complete the application process quickly, be sure to follow all of the necessary procedures. Please be prepared to pay the application fee as outlined below. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of income.

    QUALIFICATIONS FOR RENTAL APPLICATIONS: (some exceptions may apply)

    1.No more than five negative accounts on your credit profile in the last 18 months. Foreclosure or Short Sale ok.
    2.No rent judgments in the last five years (unless paid in full and there have been no problems with residency since.)
    3.Bankruptcy is OK as long as it has been discharged and credit has met the above two requirements since.

    1.Minimum six months steady work history (a transfer from another state is OK).
    2.Salary (before taxes) must be at least three times the monthly rental amount.
    3.Income and employment dates must be verifiable. We must receive at least three months of payroll check stubs from your employer.

    1. No skips or evictions for the past five years, whether verified by credit reports or by previous landlords, will be accepted.
    2.Previous landlord will be called. You may be required to produce a minimum of three months of rent receipts or canceled checks.

    SECURITY DEPOSITS: Listed below are the deposits required PRIOR to move in.
    1.An amount equal to one months rent for security deposit (refundable), unless otherwise noted
    2.$300.00 per pet deposit, if applicable (refundable)

    CO-SIGNERS: Co-signers must meet all of the above criteria to be considered acceptable and must also sign the lease as a co-lessee.

    1.Make sure you fill out the application completely. Please do not leave anything blank. If it doesn't apply to you, mark the box N/A. WE WILL NEED A COMPLETED APPLICATION FOR EACH ADULT OVER THE AGE OF 18 RESIDING AT THE PROPERTY.

    2.Attach to this application or scan and email a copy of your driver’s license with the completed application to contact@keypm.com (This is needed for each applicant).

    3.Attach to this application or scan and email copies of your last 3 months of pay-stubs or other sufficient proof of income. They are required for proof of income to tenantservices@domainres.com (This is required for all employed applicants).

    4.Please make sure you include a $100.00 application fee per applicant (over the age of 18). All application fees are non-refundable. The application process will not start until the application fees are paid, drivers license is received and pay stubs for 3 months are submitted. Application fees MUST be paid online. Once our office is in receipt of the electronic application and drivers license copies, we will issue a PayPal invoice to the applicant via the applicant's supplied email. Once that invoice is paid, we will process the application, Alternatively, applicants may pay the application fee at the office in cash, or by cashier's check/money order. If application is not completed in full a refund of app fees will be issued, as the application will not be processed if not complete.

    Allow 1 to 2 business days to process the application. Any delay in processing is usually due to non-verifiable information such as not being able to reach your current landlord. We need daytime phone numbers to reach you to confirm your approval. 

    If your application is accepted, you will be required to sign your lease and remit the security deposit in certified funds within 24 hours of acceptance.

    Application fee: $100.00 per person over the age of 18.

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